Administration of Trusts & Estates

A Trust is a fund which contains assets (financial or real estate) which are controlled by you and/or a nominated third party, known as the Trustees, for the benefit of specific individuals, known as the Beneficiaries. Trusts are governed by complex legal regulations, common law obligations and Tax rules. A Trust may be set up any time during the lifetime of an individual or by way of a Will upon death and the funds may be held for many years for the Beneficiaries, depending on the wishes of the person who establishes the Trust.

We are able to assist with the administration of the Trust, either as Trustees or on your behalf. We account to the Trustees and Beneficiaries and determine the value of the Trust Fund for Inheritance Tax purposes on a regular basis. We also prepare the necessary Inheritance Tax Return and prepare and lodge the necessary reports with HM Revenue & Customs, the Trustees and Beneficiaries.

We will arrange the transfer or sale of any assets in the Trust Fund and our Property team can handle the sale or transfer of a house or land owned by the Trust as appropriate.

Where appropriate we will advise on any Deed of Variation or Deed of Family Arrangement by which a Beneficiary’s entitlement may be varied. We will finalise the Trust, prepare final accounts and close the matter on your behalf to ensure it is dealt with efficiently and completely.

If you would like to know more please contact Robert Goodchild or Katharine Palmer directly.