Buying or selling a home

Buying or selling a home can be one of the most stressful and costly experiences of one’s life. The property will be the most valuable asset you will ever have and you will want to be sure that your investment in the property will be secure. We provide a comprehensive, personal service which ensures you have the certainty and confidence you need to proceed (or not) with the transaction. Our fees are clear and transparent and include all work involved in a typical conveyancing transaction. As a completely independent firm, we remain committed to the best interests of our clients and we do not pay referral, marketing, administration or other fees with any other party. We are therefore able to focus on our client’s particular needs and requirements and apply an appropriate level of expertise and time to a matter to provide certainty and effectiveness without compromise. We offer a very competitive scale of fees, particularly given that you will meet us personally and your work will be carried out by a qualified practitioner – after all, why would you want to spend your savings on a house without taking the best advice available?

We have many years’ experience and knowledge, which helps to ensure transactions proceed as smoothly and as quickly as possible. We have a sophisticated case management system to manage the usual correspondence and legal documentation involved in the conveyancing process leaving the practitioner to deal personally with you, your estate agent and anyone else involved in the transaction. 

We recommend the Law Society’s guide to buying a home.

Appointing your conveyancing solicitor as early as possible helps us to deal with preliminary client care and due diligence administration work right away. When selling, your early instructions ensure we can prepare the necessary title and contract packs at a very early stage and this helps us to deal with any potential title and contract issues even before marketing of the property begins. This will help you get the most for your sale and ensure the property is marketed accurately and correctly from the outset, saving problems with enquiries and re-negotiation of price at a later, more critical stage.

Every reasonable effort is made to investigate and resolve issues relating to title, rights affecting or benefitting properties and other assets, planning and building regulations, mortgage instructions, searches and enquiries. We believe that there is no substitute for a matter being carried out properly and completely and while indemnity policies can help progress matters, we do not believe that that they solve the problems that they purport to – indemnity insurance policies merely paper over the cracks and we cannot guarantee that they will last or even be effective. We therefore try to resolve the underlying issue as best as possible before suggesting such policies.

Please ask us to recommend estate agents, independent financial advisors, surveyors and mortgage lenders appropriate to your circumstances and needs.  As panel solicitors for most of the mortgage lenders in England and Wales, we can act for you and the mortgage lender on the sale and purchase of property which saves time and costs to you.

For more information please contact Richard Robson, Scott Burdett or Robert Croft.