Registration of Land

Since 1925, it has been possible to register land in England and Wales. Registration of land at Land Registry means the title to the land is guaranteed by the state to the registered proprietor. The Land Registration rules provide protection to registered land owners, ensuring that incidents of fraud and land theft are kept to a minimum.

Since the 1980s, land registration has been compulsory whenever a transaction involving that land (such as a transfer, mortgage or assent) has been completed.  It has also been possible to register land voluntarily at any time, one benefit of which is a reduced application fee at Land Registry.  Nevertheless, there is still a lot of land in England and Wales which is not registered and this does leave the owners of that land exposed to problems with title which may not be guaranteed.

We have extensive knowledge and experience of registered and unregistered land and the difficulties and problems which may arise. We can advise on the registration of the land, any Land Charges which appear and deal with any difficulties which may be revealed by the original deeds. We have a good working relationship with Land Registry to help deal with the tricky unusual problems which can arise and to ensure that the title is guaranteed.

If you would like to know more please contact Richard Robson or Scott Burdett.